5 Tips to Prepare Your Home For the Spring Market

1. Clean Everything - inside and out. Like animals prepping for hibernation, we tend to pack the house through fall and the holidays. Start your spring cleaning early!

2. Wash the windows inside and out. It will give you a brand new look at life. LOL If you have a cleaner who loves doing windows, send them my way when you're done. 

3. Power was the exterior of your home - wash away the winter, check for any exposed wood and painting updates needed.

4. Map out your spring plantings that will enhance curb appeal. 

5. Get a Pre_listing Inspection - this will allow you to make repairs in advance that might scare a buyer away or prompt them to try to negotiate a lower price. It allows you to do repairs yourself or hire your choice of contractor. And the best part is it will attract serious buyers and pave the way for a smooth closing. 

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